Friday, April 29, 2011

Teacher's Aide

A bright spot in this crap week. (Lest anyone think I am being irresponsible, I have already looked through the papers, and Miss P is merely adding stars and retracing a few backward numbers.)

Tell more about the crap week, you say: let's see - bed requiring migraines the last two days (after full days work), 10 % pay cut for next year announced, nothing planned for me for teacher appreciation week AGAIN, l-o-n-g fruitless meetings about students (and then I have to start my hours of prep for the next day at 5:00 p.m. with Miss P hangin' with me, and husband with STAR testing and adjunct duties unable to help. Anniversary is this weekend and there is no babysitter and no plans. And at this point, I could care less (no offense to the husband). Shall I go on?

So the name of this blog always brings me back to the bright side, which is my Miss P, singing me lullabies through my migraines and being the perfect poster child as she sits in my room (not allowed to interrupt me for over an hour) as I deal in all these ridiculous meetings. I also work with a pretty amazing staff.
Sometimes I just want to complain. : )

This evening Miss P and I will head home, turn off the world and turn on the royal wedding. Hope you are having a better week!

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Hilary said...

Seriously? A 10% cut? Plus all the layoffs
I hink they have a few small things planned for teacher appreciation... but don't get your hopes too high. ;)