Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break Kick-Off

Remember this play-date? I was brave enough to have the same little friend over + one more to celebrate SPRING BREAK kick off! This time I set ground rules: 1) Stay in house or on grass; 2) Keep clothes on! 3) Ask first!

On our way home from school I was entertained by a rap about diarrhea. All three girls then promptly got wet on the play structure and had to change into P's clothes. (At least they changed inside, so keeping clothes on rule stayed intact, mostly.) A camp-out was had in the living room, my patio furniture was rearranged, and they asked to put on swimsuits and get in the bathtub together (uh, no.) Anyway, an improvement over the first one, but we still have a way to go!

The weather is beautiful today and I am giddy for our week. It's just Miss P and I this time. I remember when she was little, I would get hyped up for Spring Break, and then realize, 'oh yeah, there is never a break, I'm still changing diapers and fighting over naps.' Now with a 6 1/2 year old it is totally vacation time, baby! We are ready for a road trip, but E is not having it! I printed out a blank April calendar and we are in the process of planning our week, and are throwing around fun themes, like 'spa week,' (think gym, pedicures, yoga, shopping, and diy spa cuisines), or 'fun, sun, and friends.' (lots of playdates, picnics, and the beach). We are still deliberating!

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