Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Surprise!

Over Spring Break, P - who is pretty in touch with her feelings - shared with me that she felt that she, E, and I don't spend enough 'family time' together. Although I feel like I am so focused on together time, I bit my tongue and just tried to hear her out. She was very passionate about wanting more uninterrupted time with just the three of us.

So I had the idea to do the coolest thing. This week, when E had Spring Break, P and I played hooky. I got a sub, set my student teacher up for a day of success leading the class, and one hour in, went home, packed up and returned with E. He had the office pull Miss P out of class -- she has always wanted to be dramatically pulled from the room, as in the intercom announcing " Mrs. T, Please have P get her things, she is leaving for the day."

And that is just what we did. When P and E returned to the car, I was hiding and popped up to take the picture above. E had told P she had a dentist appointment we had forgotten about. P was disappointed because her class was outside writing poetry. Once she got over the shock, she was excited to go.
Once there and inspired by the gentle breeze and lapping waves, she decided to stay in the scholastic spirit and write some poetry. Here is our favorite:

The Sea
When you get to the sea
The wet water will splash on you...
Watch Out!

and another

The Ocean
The ocean, emerald and blue
reminds me that you like me
and I like you!
We had a fun time of chatting, reading, people-watching, sand play, chasing, and frisbee-throwing. I think it is one of the coolest things we have done as parents, and am hoping to replicate it each year.

I dig the beach!

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Hilary said...

SO cool, she'll always remember that!