Friday, April 15, 2011

Gadget Free Fun - Make a Book!

Miss P and I are attending a baby shower on Saturday for my sister-in-law, that has a 'build baby's library,' theme. We decided for P's gift that she should make a book. We headed over to Micheal's to buy their 'Make Your Own Pop-Up Book,' which was on sale for $9.95 (I had my 40% off coupon just in case).
This turned into a fun two-day project. On day one we discussed ideas, and then at Starbucks (how fitting) she sipped her milk and drafted the story in her notebook, alongside folks and their laptops. She also revised a bit that day, with just a little conferring with me.
On day two, she copied her text onto the hardbound book from the kit. Again there was a little conferring about some spatial elements and how to avoid and fix mistakes. It is a gift, after all!
One thing P has going for her, is drive, when she enjoys something. Thankfully, reading and writing are things she likes. She wrote the whole book and continued with the illustrations in one sitting. (The kit comes with pens and stickers).
My favorite page is this last one, that reads: "This book is good, so smile, OK."
(Maybe we'll have a little punctuation talk when she gives the book its last look.)
By the way, this kit comes with two books, so for $9.95 it was a good deal. (No, I am not affiliated with the Faber-Castell company or Micheal's!) And it's not just Miss P, most of my kindergarten students love making books, especially when they can choose the genre of writing and topic. I've had kids choose making books over playing with toys frequently. Piece of paper= O.K. Book - Yea!

Making a book. Add it to your repertoire!

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