Wednesday, April 6, 2011

spring shows

Today was a big day for performances. P's junior dance class had their little show, which was adorable. They danced disco, rock 'n roll, and hip hop.
P really has the shake your hips down. Wonder where she gets it? : )
She also really had the smiling stage face!
I loved their hip hop routine.
So did she.
Then tonight was the first grade musical, Bugz. Love this show!
We didn't have good enough seats (rookies!) to get any good pics during the show; this is just after. P's babysitter even came spontaneously tonight - so sweet.
P's class is the dragonflies. The musical tells the story of a group of insects (all the first grade classes are named after insects). Anyway, the insects are all planning to join a picnic. There are songs and speaking parts and P got to use a puppet. During a firefly song, the lights are cut and all the children turn on miniature flashlights.
I love first grade! I think P and her teacher do too. : )

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