Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monterey Girls' Weekend

I'm still in catch-up mode! May 16th our mom's group had it's third 'Weekend Away.' Naturally, I've been to all three. : ) We've done SF, wine tasting (in Livermore - ended up being cheaper than staying home!), and finally, this time the beach at Monterey. I'm still emptying the sand out of my purse!
We had a fab time hanging out at the beach, dining at Bubba Gumps and spontaneously hitting a karoake bar. Let me tell you, the peeps at Cannery Row Pizzeria and Karaoke are professionals, with choreographed routines. It was quite entertaining. I conned some members of our group into singing Mama Mia. I thought we sounded pretty good, although you can see from the concentration on my face that we did not have our dance moves down, nor were we slinging the mic around with ease. Whatevs! : )

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy 100th post to me!!!!!

Moving right along...

It's been a busy month, and am still catching up on posts I've meant to do....

First: Mother's Day. Mom, Miss P and I had quite the 'big girl' celebration. We got mani-pedi's (pedi only for me) at Lavende at Santana Row. Stepdad and E met us afterward for lunch. Check out Miss P - is she too freaking cute or what???

I am sporting the "I love you mommy" shirt she puffy-painted at preschool. P loved the pampering and was super-still and fascinated throughout the process. We ended up getting our own little room in the back for the three of us, and my mom and I even managed some chatting.
Check out my mom in the top photo - crossing my fingers I look that good when I'm a 'grandma!'

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tiburon Anniversary Trip!

I can't believe I'm so behind on posting! What a busy May, it has been! This is my 99th post and I was hoping to do something creative for #100, so between that, end of the school year craziness, and a couple of trips, I just procrastinated, all the while, mentally composing posts in my head. Time to forge ahead.

On May 1st, E and I took a trip a suprise 9th anniversary trip to Tiburon. It was such a sweet surprise from my husband, who usually leaves plans to me. We were engaged in Tiburon, which is a small town on the water, just over the golden gate from San Francisco. We got married in Maui, HI exactly one year later (May, 1, 2000). So 'May Day' is kind of a double anniversary for us. This one marked 10 years since we were engaged.
I knew something was up. I knew E had planned something. I told him just a date night for dinner would be enough. I figured we'd celebrate on Saturday, May 2. He did a great job of keeping the surprise until Thursday night, when, while watching TV, he let it slip, '..tomorrow, when I have a sub...' -- I called him on it and he blushed. He was taking the day off and we were beginning our celebration the next day!
When we woke up in the morning, he handed me a note that shared where we were going.....back to where it all started!
As you can see, it unfortunately stormed the whole time, which was a bit of a disappointment. Tiburon is known for a restaurant on the water called Sam's, that features a big sun deck, where visitors and locals dine and drink beer and look out over the water. We were really looking forward to that. Our hotel, The Water's Edge, was even right next door!
Instead, we dined at a few other yummy restaurants, wine tasted, saw a movie, drove to Sausolito and hit a street festival, and just generally enjoyed together time.
It was decadent! We are already in saving and planning mode for #10.....possibly a trip back to HI, or a 5 day trip to Disneyland, with a stay at the Grand Californian. It will be a family aniversary trip, with our sweet Miss P in tow.
More catch up coming soon...