Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's been a sporty weekend! 


While I sometimes envy big families, wish Paige had a sibling, wonder about having a son, or miss the sweetness of a baby, having an 8 year old daughter is pretty FABULOUS.

8 year olds are ready to keep up with you, and, best of all, still want to!  Early Saturday morning the two of us met with friends for hiking.  We had three moms and six kids in our gang. The kids were running ahead, crossing creeks and scaling hills off to the side of the trail.  After our adventure, P and I stopped for lunch, and then went to my classroom to tackle my to-do list. P mostly played, but she did help some.  That night all of us (Ed included) went to see The Croods.  

Today was church.  Paige's wish each week is for me to get all my errands done while she is at Sunday School so we can have more time together, but that never works.  This evening though we got another workout in -- a run on another favorite trail.  We really pushed it.  Paige has grown so much as a runner.  Not only can she keep up with me, she is faster.  Either says a lot about her, or not much about me. : ) 

It's fun having a mini partner-in-crime! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday

I'm sitting here in my CLEAN house, courtesy of a service I talked Ed into....(Still trying to talk him into making this a regular thing.) Feet up and a glass of ice water.  (Now if it were a diet coke, we'd really have a party!)  Upstairs are the sounds of P and her playdate acting out dramas with their dolls.  Peace for about a half an hour.

Today in my dual role as mom/teacher I managed a late alarm, a student throwing his shoe over the fence, and an earthquake drill. After school, I surveyed all the work I had to do, and ended up grabbing Miss P and her friend for a play date.  We headed home and encountered the house cleaners who had come late. Yikes. I cannot believe that in a short while I have to head BACK to school for PTA movie night. All in the name of Miss P.   I must love that girl!

BTW - This is my 600th post!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tales from the trenches

(P and I at Mornings with Mom - my face always looks tired. Is there a make-up trick for that?)

Oh, how the mighty fall.  I'm always quite proud of the fact that I'm rarely sick.  Miss P (who has inherited my healthy genes) was sick once this winter, which was unusual, and E has been sick off and on for months.  Most of my class has been or is sick.  It hit me (unofficially) this weekend.  (I say unofficially as there is no temperature, the sign of bona fide illness, nor is there a constant hacking cough) just good 'ol fatigue and a sore throat.

I've spent a little time daydreaming...what if...
I was at a chill spa for the weekend (make it 3 days).  I'd take peaceful nature walks, soak in a spa tub, and do some restorative yoga.  My meals would all be made for me, and I'd pencil in a nap after thumbing through some crisp, glossy magazines.


I was at a beach getaway.  I'd sit by the water and feel the sun on my face. I'd read my book.  After my pedicure, I'd climb atop my fluffy white bed, order room service and watch a movie.  Ahhhh...


Yesterday I found myself across town with Miss P helping her to hawk the last few boxes of girl scout cookies at 8:00 a.m.  A few hours later I was in the dirt outside searching on my hands and knees with P helping her to find snails and worms for her science fair project.  After the creatures were located (no easy feat), I helped set up conditions for them to 'race.'  I numbed my pain by watching you-tube videos of Harlem Shake for a bit, and then helped prep lined paper and headings for her board.

This morning started off with mommy guilt. Paige greeted us* (*me and a sleeping Ed) with a cheerful "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" Repeated over and over.  She wanted to head downstairs 'as a family,' for the celebration she was sure was waiting.  Gulp.  No shamrock pancakes, gold coins, or note this year.  Sorry, the leprechauns were a bit off their game. Have we done something every year? Is this a big deal? She's 8 - can I be honest?  Fortunately, Ed had left out a few quarters by P's makeshift leprechaun house.  Something. Go team!  Next on my agenda, was signing up P for swim team with all of its accompanying parent jobs. Swim team is serious business, people.  Got a phone call from a friend wanting to make sure I didn't forget to log on and and attach my name to the coveted jobs.  (One of my gigs will be serving donuts on a Monday night from 4:30 - 8:30, that's a coveted job, btw).  After Sunday School chauffeuring it was time for science fair write-up. Fortunately, P did this well on her own, so I had time to share work woes with Ed (bad) and search pinterest for some ideas for an upcoming class project (good).

The day ended nicely with an early dinner at Islands restaurant. May not have been the tropical getaway I was dreaming about.  But as I numbed my pain with rich food, I thought, 'not too bad!'

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Ever since the time changed, Miss P and I have switched our thrice weekly runs to the evening.  For the first time, I am loving Daylight Savings!  Sure, I'm stiff and creaky at dark a.m.  But in the evening, when it is light until 7:00ish (doesn't hurt that it's been about 70 all week), it's party time!

You know who else appreciates the time change? Mr. Cooper, whose pudgy tush is getting more outside time. Go, Cooper, go!


Monday, March 11, 2013

playing with clothes

I love this look: boyfriend cardigan, tank top, fitted pants and boots

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Watch out jeans, striped tee and ballet flats - there's a new sherrif in town!  Paige and I shopped for clothes this weekend and I got not one, not two, but 3 cardis (2 boyfriend, one with cropped sleeves).  Here's my first attempt today sporting my new look...

Still working on caputuring the 'essence,' of my look. :) Practice makes perfect! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What I wore (wear?) wore?

Novice in the ha-ouse.  Looking at all the OOTD and other What I wore linkups, makes the arranging/posing/photographing look so easy.  Too borrow a circa 2000 phrase - not

Picture me, first doing my laundry so that my favorites are available, then trying to squeeze in time early in the a.m., and after dinner to change into these (and other outfits). See Paige standing on furniture so she can snap the photos at the right angles, while husband shakes head.

With that, I bring you my denim diva uniform.

jeans, neutral-y top, scarf, boots/flats  or

jeans, solid color top, statement necklace. 

Two more variations of the same formula.

Despite the effort. This was fun. I'll be trying it again. Fashion on, everyone. : )

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day in the life - March 1

Hi there! I love "Day in the Life" posts. I'm a big reader of memoirs and a fan of reality TV.  Real life is fascinating to me.  So when Kelly's Korner decided to do a DITL link-up, I was game to take part. (I wasn't prepared in advance so I kind of fudged it with pictures.) Here was our Friday!!

6:40 a.m. - Groan at the late hour and hurry out of bed.  I worked late last night and I've been fighting something. Throw on workout clothes and zip downstairs to free Cooper from his kennel. Meanwhile Ed wakes Paige up to meet me downstairs for the last of our thrice weekly  workouts.

6:45 - 7:15 - Walk Cooper and run with Miss P. P tries to fib on distance. : )

7:15 - 7:55 -  Quickly get ready. Paige and I put Cooper in his 'room,' grab our stuff and head to the car en route to school.  Work for me teaching kindergarten; third grade for P.

7:55 - 8:10 - Light traffic - yay!

8:10 - 11:40 - Greet my 30 students (actually only 26 today as we've had rotating illness in room 2.)  One parent tells me (after the bell has rung) that her child shouldn't eat lunch today as it will conflict with his afternoon dentist appointment (she asks that he eat earlier in the classroom)?  I'm lucky to have a parent helper today and she gets to work stapling various projects. Her adorable younger child joins my class. 27 kids now. :)  Fire drill at 8:40. Oops forgot about that - oh well, at least it was a 'genuine' experience.  Pull reading groups and feel less organized than I'd like. Too much to do lately!

After reading, walk kids to dance class and help teacher manage kids as she teaches them the "Hukilau." I believe this is the dance that 'Baby's' big sister was practicing for in 'Dirty Dancing.'  Anyway. From there walk the kids to recess and distribute snack.  Immediately one of my students "D" collides with a student from another class.  She is not seriously hurt but hysterical.  I help her to connect with other student and talk about it, and then assign kids to sit with her at recess while I run to the bathroom.

Have buddy time with third graders and then math after recess, D is still crying (loudly) an hour after playground collision, and my usual strategies aren't working, so I call her mom to problem solve. Mom clearly feels bad but is unable to help.  I end up holding D's hand or having her sit on my lap while trying to teach math, which has gotten a bit muddled.  Take kiddos to lunch.

11:40 - 12:25 - Lunchtime. Heat up chicken tortilla soup from last night's dinner. Receive report that D won't eat lunch and has been taken to the nurse. No temp or other signs of illness.  Call mom with update. Another student, 'T' has partially wet his pants because he doesn't like using the school bathrooms (despite our 'project clean' campaign) : )  We check his backpack for clean clothes. When none can be found, I call his mom and leave her a message. T says he doesn't mind his partially wet pants and cheerfully tells a classmate his predicament

12:25 - 1:55 - Finish math and then coordinate play center time. It's a minimum day so teachers can work on report cards. Pull a few kids for math testing. T's mom shows up with new clothes. Afternoon is uneventful! Line kids up for dismissal. Fill in day care guy about D's day.  Take student C to office as babysitter hasn't shown up. Babysitter sends friend to pick up C, so principal asks me to help track down actual babysitter before releasing C, which I do.  In the midst of all this, P is dismissed and goes home with her bestie for a playdate.

1:55 - 2:15  - Take brief break to run to Safeway and buy some chocolate and a magazine.

2:15 - 4:15 - Force myself to focus on work (nibbling on chocolate) as I'm tired after a loong week.. Plan and prep for next week.  Take brief break to talk to colleagues about student progress and testing.  Finally pack up stuff. Will need to work on report cards this weekend!!

4:15 - 5:00 - Pick up Paige and head home.  Discuss science fair project. Walk Cooper.  Plop down on couch. Did I say it's been a long week?

5:00 - 6:30 - read and nap on couch while Paige watches Disney Channel movie.  Every few minutes Cooper comes over and nudges me (he's probably hungry.) I finally awaken enough to remind P to feed him. We've promised her McDonald's tonight because she wants a hex bug (sp). I usually cook a good dinner.

6:30 -8:30 - Ed brings home McD's. It's a little cold, bummer. We eat on the couch and channel surf.  There is a lot of mutual teasing, of the 'while you're up,' variety.

8:30 - We kick P's behind off the couch and send her lovingly to bed.  Ed and I chat and hang out. We stay up late (due to my nap earlier) and eventually walk Cooper and put him to bed.

There you have it! The good, the bad, and the ugly. What's your average Friday like?