Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello, Friend

Our little neighborhood is having quite the magical evening. We live in one of maybe 50 (?) townhouses - ours is on the community park (very coveted spot). We have met a few really nice neighbors, but haven't made any real connections. However, there are two things that have really stood out since we've moved here - 1) Half of the residents have dogs. I mean, I have not seen so many dog owners before. People are walking their dogs around the park at all hours (and we have a front row view). It's kind of happy. 2) People are super friendly, and always saying 'hi.' Guests at our house have really noticed this.

Anyway, as we were finishing dinner tonight, we could hear some lively activity outside. Then the doorbell rang. P and E rushed to get it. I heard the sweetest voice say, 'hello, friend.' It turned out to be the 5 year old who lives behind us. She and P had played once about 9 months ago at the park, and then again the other weekend. Her and her nine year old brother had walked over alone, and while he read a book under the tree, she moseyed on over to ask P to come out and play. This is the first time a neighborhood child rang the doorbell and said, 'can P come out and play?' (She didn't remember P's name, which is why she adorably said 'friend.') As P headed out, barbies in tow, we took a look at the rest of the park. Here is what we saw:

*brother reading under tree
*older woman doing tai chi to music
*family with toddler flying a kite
*someone walking their dog (of course)
*a family group with toddler (and dog) playing around the play structure.

Good news: It's great to feel part of such a lively, happy community.

Bad news: Now, I have to drop the grumpy mood I was in and go jog!

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Hilary said...

Awh, that is a nice feeling to live around nice people.