Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye August

Hi Blog world! It's been awhile.  In the last two weeks, I've been busy meeting, greeting and training my 30 kindergarten students, celebrating Miss P's actual 8th birthday and sending her off to third grade. The top right corner photo is her newly decorated writer's notebook.  Upper Grader!

The school year started with the usual drama. Miss P was switched to a new class just before the first day, and even into week two, the kindergarteners were shuffled between classrooms and schools to make sure each room had 30, and an even distribution of girls and boys. Sheesh! Luckily, I have darling families, and I finally feel like I've got a grip on things.

P's birthday included a trip to her favorite - Build-a-Bear - dinner with family, and a busy weekend of hitting friends' birthday parties. August is a birthday bonanza month around here! Tomorrow is Ed's grandma's birthday. 

Otherwise, I've been spending my precious downtime devouring Gone Girl. Have you read it?  

It's Friday afternoon and as Paige's playdate wears down, I'm looking forward to a weekend that includes some fun and relaxation! I hope you have a good one too... 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daughter Day!

After a stressful week re-entering work life, Paige and I had a much needed Mother/Daughter Day! 

This girl and I love each other so much.  A few weeks ago we were walking Cooper before bedtime and she was talking about her dream house. This led to a conversation about her growing up and leaving us someday.  Tears followed (from her, not me!) P said she never wanted to leave us, and that if she did, she would have to live next door.  I told her I was all for it!

Back to our fun day, we hit Barnes and Noble first, and I splurged on some stuff for school and a few magazines.  Paige got a new book that's been on her list. I told her, no more new books until you finish what you already have! Like mother, like daughter. : )

We had a delicious lunch at CPK, their menu has expanded with some yummy new items. We, however, got our standard favorites.

Strangely, the stores we went to seem to be in a really in-between stage: not a lot of inventory, half Summer, and a little Fall. Aren't the back to school wardrobes usually ready to go by July?  (Perhaps Old Navy isn't the best example?) : )  The plan was just to get one outfit for the first day and return in few weeks/month to really stock up.  Instead we got four cute tops. Three out of the four have dogs on them. We did not get the sparkly $40 crewcuts purse above that Paige was longing for. 

Today a run (for me), grocery shopping, a possible matinee, and a pool playdate are on the list. Are we trying to fit every last ounce of summer? Yes!

Friday, August 17, 2012

My sweeties...

I've been a little quiet around here lately, as I am back at work! And what a re-entry it has been.  Definitely a 360 from our relaxing summer. On a positive note, it has been so nice to come home to my little family after an intense day. 

Last night as soon as I pulled the car into the garage and shut off the engine, Miss P and Cooper came bounding out of the house to greet me. 

More to share once I can catch my breath!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Day

Exhibit A: Grumpy me.

Exhibit B: Happy me!
(Am I brave to willingly post a large version of this picture?) : ) I'll go with confident.

We had a much needed family day at Golfland/Water Slides.  Lately, it's been all about the back to work countdown of big time cleaning, doctors visits, and fixing the many appliances that have broken this summer.  Something had to give! After a morning run and coffee with a friend, my threesome made our virgin voyage to the water slides. (Cooper enjoyed the afternoon at home in his air conditioned lounge). It was in the 90's and the heat felt particularly brutal.  Somehow the slides were not crowded and we climbed the hill again and again sharing stories of how we closed our eyes on the last slide, went super fast, or went backwards. Anything all three of us love to do is such a winner. Note: only one other adult was on the slides besides Ed and I. ?? After 90 minutes I was dizzy and dehydrated and begging off.  When the other two finished a half hour later, I also begged off the mini-golf. Still high 90's! Instead we changed and headed to the mall to buy new school shoes and dine at the Cheesecake factory.

Tonight we are planning some dvr viewing. Such a perfect day! Rejuvenated again!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Miss Paige's birthday part 1

I didn't want to have a party this year.
Miss P technically doesn't turn 8 for a few more weeks, but we traditionally host her b-day bash in early (or mid) August before we are crazed with teaching.  This year, between the new dog and house stuff, I just wasn't feeling it.  Could we just do a fun outing instead? 

No. A party was requested. So a (small) party we had. We got a few school friends together for a swim soiree at the pool.

Ed and I demo a game.  'Awkward!' Paige can't stand to watch.

Palm tree pudding snacks made by Miss P.

Treasure jump.

Bundtini blow-out!

So (at first), I didn't want to have a party. But aren't the smiles always worth it?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Girlfriend Day

Please excuse this unceremonious partial reveal of my new Mom Cave.  I have no 'before' picture. Basically, just imagine a room with old mismatched furniture and the door always closed to hide all the extra stuff that had no home. 

Today one of my besties came over and we celebrated big!  This was kind of a belated b-day for me. When she and her kiddos came over, the mom cave was rocking with tunes and the ice bucket was filled with our favorite beverages. While the kids played, we cozied on the couch, enjoyed our refreshments, discussed the need for a disco ball, and chatted. Exactly what the mom cave was meant for!

Later we all went out to lunch, treated the kids to ice cream, and then returned for more mom cave-ing. My friend's daughter and Paige are besties also, so everyone was in heaven. Day turned to evening and we had pizza, with Ed joining in on the fun. 

Here is to many more days and nights spent in the mom cave!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

So 40!

My last post may have been titled Forever 39, but I am feeling so 40! : )  Last night we had so much fun at my SIL and BIL's Baby Gender Reveal Party. (These were not yet the thing when Miss P was cooking).  : )  Anyway...
it's a boy! 

As the night wore on and beverage-themed games ensued, we knew it was time to collect our curious 8 year old and 4 year old (Mr. Cooper) and head home.

Lately we've been so busy taking apart our disaster zone office, and turning it into a modifed Mom cave, that I'm jonesing for some time just to! And watch a few of the following shows on TV.

Yes, this is turning into a TV post. Move over Housewives and Olympics, here comes some new HGTV programs.

Natural Born Sellers is a cute show about a Sourthern Ca family including Glorie Lee, Rick, and twins Julianna and Marissa who are all realtors.  Glorie Lee is kind of a quirky, Southern-seeming dame (think like a thinner Paula Deen type, but a realtor), and Rick is the 'straight man' to her colorful personality.  The twins are darling and funny, and feel like they could be your friends.  Each episode finds the parents helping out one client, while the twins help another.  The family all comes together a few times per episode to assist each other and collaborate.
Today, Saturday, also marked the premiere of season 3 of Pioneer Woman! Woo hoo! My episode is waiting patiently to be viewed a la DVR.  Also I'm planning to check out Home by Novogratz (also premiering tonight) as they visit Pioneer Woman with two of their  daughters to re-do PW's attic for her two girls. (Got that?)

We have to make yet another trip to IKEA. (arrghh!) Looking forward to curling up with my 40 year old simple pleasures soon! 

Forever 39

Add coffee and magazines and I'm so in!