Sunday, May 1, 2011

May day Anniversary

So I was uber grumpy in my last post. My annoyance continued off and on for about 24 hours, with an allergy attack, a cut finger, Miss P tearing open a box of cereal, screaming, and then running through the house with it to find us, leaving a trail of puffed oats, and ending with our vacuum cleaner breaking.

By Saturday night though, things were looking up. I'd had a good hair day. We enjoyed a yummy tri-tip dinner with wine and played games with P. We woke up to this sign on May 1st, our 11 year anniversary.
It reads (spelling corrected): "Happy Anniversary Mom and _____. Love, Paige. You're Super Parents!" Apparently 'dad' didn't quite make the cut. How cute is this?

We had brunch at Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos and did a fun hike right afterward. Then we headed home and set up the little oasis pictured up top for the afternoon. Lawn games, reading, mimosas, and saying 'hey' to the neighbors ensued. O.K., I'll admit it -- Life is good.

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