Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miss P's Easter loot

Ok, I'll admit it. We are all a little spoiled around here! I always have so much fun creating Easter baskets for P and others. Read here for goodies from last year's baskets for E, P, and me (near end of post).

I don't do sweets in P's baskets, I feel she gets enough of those already! This year my little stuffed animal lover is getting a little bunny themed snuggimal (above)....
and these adorable Nick and Nora pjs from Target. They are cuter in person and come in different themes, including one with rabbits! I know P will go crazy over these puppies and kitties.
And an 'aqua pet!' She has been wanting one of these for her nightstand table. When you hit the buttons it dances and sings. She will also be getting a Spring themed notebook (doodling is her fav hobby and she can fill a notebook like nobody's business) and the watermelon pen below.

So far E is getting the new Foo Fighters CD. I want to throw a little something else in his basket, but not sure what yet....

Please share your Easter basket progress!

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