Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Night Chef

Remember how you used to be up cramming for classes? I've been doing the mom version of all nighters -- Sunday night meal prep. The last two Sundays I've spent between 5 and 11:00 p.m. doing the following (with breaks for childcare).

1) cooking dinner
2) cleaning kitchen
3) making lunches (by the way, it takes Ed more than 30 minutes to make two lunches when it is his turn. How? Why?)

And then...

1) Roasting a chicken, shredding, and tupperwaring it. (Like my new verb?)
2) Cooking up a pound of pasta. Tupperwaring.
3) Baking muffins for breakfast. Saran Wrapping.

The pasta gets doled out for lunch and dinner servings as needed. The chicken is added to salad, tacos, etc. Tonight we enjoyed what Ed has dubbed: Mama's Big Tacos. I do make a good taco.

Rachel Ray has a feature in her magazine this month involving making 20 dinners in two big sessions. Little much for my fridge. Do you meal prep??

Sunday, August 28, 2011

gadget free fun - pop beads!

It's been awhile since I've posted one of my famous gadget-free fun ideas....but these pop beads are inspired. Miss P's cousin turned us on to them and they provide endless entertainment. You can make jewelry, people, critters (they have some separate kits that also specialize in making different things). You do need a little fine motor coordination and this is perfect for practicing that. Great birthday gift for ages 4 to 9!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy (belated) Birthday Miss Paige

Paige turned 7 on August 25th!

Miss P, watching you grow and evolve has been the most amazing experience of my life. Over the summer, at 6 3/4, your social calendar was intense, with multiple playdates and activities every week with your girlfriends. You have just learned to swim independently and loved being in the pool all summer. You are spreading your wings, learning to play soccer and showing interest in gymnastics. And you are reading whenever you can! Rainbow fairy chapter books, Ramona books, and American Girl stories are your favorites. You are so done with princesses. You love collecting things, and playing with small toys, like Littlest Pet Shops, Zoobles and Squinkies. You are really developing a sense of humor, and are always trying to come up with jokes. Most of them make no sense, but lately you are really learning to play with words. Like, 'that desert table is deserted!' You still love Doggie to pieces. Literally. And even as you are changing and growing, you are still so loving and affectionate. I'm so lucky I get to participate in your life!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

newest Riley...

We were excited to meet our newest niece, Devon last weekend.

Paige is a fan!

Friday, August 19, 2011

One week down

Made it through the first week of school! There have been tears, vomit, and pee (apologies to my more delicate readers), HOWEVER, it has been one of the best first weeks in my 10 year teaching history. I'm not sure how much is due to a few small tweaks I've made to routines, how much is luck, and how much is due to just my general fabulousity! : ) Kids are 'getting it', responding well, following directions, and are laughing and happy. Let's hope this continues!

Miss P had a great first week also. Although, there have already been two occurrences of 2nd grade girl meaness. One friend, "H," asked Paige to help her avoid another friend, "N." The parent of a classmate of Paige's told me after school today that another girl had told her daughter, 'you aren't allowed to talk to Paige.' Her daughter was therefore afraid to talk to P or the other girls in their circle. Sheesh!

Lots of family visits and birthday parties on tap for the weekend. I am also reminded of something I read recently -- Food first. Last weekend we were uber busy before school started and I never grocery shopped. All this week we were slapping meals together. I missed breakfast. I have been a lot more motivated to be active lately, which is awesome, and a little more motivated in the food dept., but now it is time to put it in action.

In between family and food prep this weekend, I'm hoping to have some time to relax with a magazine, drink a starbucks, and play. It's still summer!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Second Grade!

With her swinging ponytail and jack 'o lantern smile, my Miss Paige happily started 2nd grade!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How can I forget?

Eddie greeted me last night (after an intense prep week in the classroom) with the following (in this order):

1) glass of red wine
2) US magazine
3) roast beef dinner with strawberry, gorgonzola, and walnut salad
4) coffee ice cream for dessert
5) tivo'd movie (which sadly I had to pass on - bed at 10 p.m.)

Oh, and he cleaned up dinner and put Miss P to bed. Guess I'm doing the same Farewell to Summer Routine next Friday for him! (High School starts the 22nd)

Classroom ready!

School starts Monday! My classroom is ready.
My student teacher is great. The usual behind-the-scenes dramas have played out.
All I need to do now is raid Paige's crayons for some final first day supplies!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get Fit for 40 update

I never shared my get fit by 40 plan. I'm sure everyone has been waiting breathlessly. I'm a little tired to post it all now, but the first month entails:

runs 3x a week
yoga or strength training 2x a week
healthy, balanced, low-fat, non-processed breakfast every morning

Next month I will keep up these plans and add the next phase, etc.

Here's a little food for thought (for me):

Push yourself. Pledge to do one thing that's uncomfortable each day, whether its knocking off five push-ups or replacing the fries you love with the green veggies you don't. This 'constructive discomfort,' is an investment to get what you really want. It's like building mental muscle -- it's called self-discipline.

It is so hard for me to break out of comfortable habits! I am back at work this week, up and at 'em early. Late this afternoon, I had a craving and broke into a box of junior mints. I felt so guilty afterward! I'm hoping I make a better choice next time. I did get a decent run in tonight. Babysteps!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stinson Beach and SF Giants!

We had an amazing time on our Stinson Beach getaway! I am such a water girl. There is nothing like sitting and staring at the ocean. Unfortunately in Northern California, you have to drive over some kind of curvy hill or mountain to get to any beach. This was definitely the longest and windiest, but it was worth it! White sand, clear water, and our days were WARM!
I think all of us needed some to do nothing except walk along the beach..
play in the sand...
and build sand castles. (Cannot take credit for this one though!)
We had some amazing dining experiences. We lunched at Surfers Grill right on the beach, and had dinner at the Sand Dollar. Good food, live music, eavesdrop-worthy conversation and interesting people all around. Our server was very friendly and called us the 'Stripes Family.'
Breakfast was at this cute place called Breakers, conveniently located next to the darling Stinson Beach Bookstore. Ed had to drag Paige and I out of there so we could head down to SF and the Giants game!
The Giants have such an awesome location and stadium. It is a party!
The team is barely holding onto first place, and has had a lot of bumps and losses this season. This day, they won -- was it 8 to 1, or 9 to 2? I don't remember, but it was a big win, and THE WEATHER - it was 80+ degrees - crazy!
Stinson Beach - we'll be back!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Off to Stinson Beach!

See you in a few days!