Monday, April 11, 2011

Casa Fitness!

This week is Spring Break, and while many of our friends are in Hawaii, Tahoe, England, San Diego or Palm Springs, we are.... home (E is working). So, Miss P and I have themed our Spring Break....(drum roll)....Fitness and Friends! We have checked into 'Casa Fitness' for our staycation and are having a great time so far.

Yesterday we got Miss P a new bike as her old one was preschool-sized and we kicked off the week with a ride. I am working out (got a run in this a.m.) every day, and trying some new classes at the gym. P and I are splurging today and getting pedicures and stocking up on beauty supplies at Target. We have a picnic with playgroup friends, a mom and daughter dinner out scheduled (while E goes to the Giants game Wednesday), and a Gilroy Gardens trip on the horizon. (Yes, I did create a full-on week calendar on the computer, with all of activities listed. Doesn't everyone do that, along with theme-ing their week? : )

Naturally, P's stuffed animal friends couldn't be left out of the action, so we checked them into their suite last night. (It's a pet friendly resort, thank goodness). They are currently receiving their first treatment.

Naturally, with all of this fitness, there will be a lot of book and magazine reading as well. Excited for the week!

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