Sunday, March 6, 2011

One for the scrapbooks....

The setting, Friday afternoon. Report cards are handed out and I'm ready to relax and maybe celebrate a little. E is planning happy hour with his work friends. Miss P and one of her girlies have cooked up a play-date. I offer to host, as Fridays is the one day I can do this. I figure, as usual, P and her pal will play happily/independently for a couple of hours and I can get some blog reading/book reading/dvr-watching done. (All while supervising them, of course.)

The afternoon began promisingly enough, with the girls reading and helping me in the classroom for a short while. Here's how it went down from there.

3:30 - driving home - girls find McDonald's toy (small barbie) in the back seat and start pelting each other with it. Extra loud laughter (and growls?) ensue. I have a son?

3:45 - Get girls snack (string cheese and granola bar); they want to play outside. Great! I settle in at the computer, which is conveniently next to the sliding glass door leading outside. I get myself a snack of girl scout cookies - yum! Instead of fun stuff, decide to do my application for the summer reading institute (work).

4:10 - Girls claim to be hungry again, run back inside and head upstairs before I can intervene. &^%! I left the girl scout cookies out. Let girls have a couple. Girls get out play-dough and I hear them play happily.

4:30 - Go upstairs to check on girls, when things get quieter. Yikes - play-dough mess! Just heard them in Miss P's room, but it is now empty. Look outside...What the...? Girls playing out front in dress up dresses.

4:30 - Haul girls in to clean up play-doh, which they do. Girls ask to go to McDonald's. ???? Despite evidence in the car, this is not our usual play-date activity. What is P thinking?

5:00 - I am back at my post in the office by the front door, with clear view of outside. Girls suddenly whiz by and out the door in bathrobes, with nothing underneath but underwear. Patooties were hauled back in. Clothes put back on.

5:00 - 6:00 - I will spare you this activity.

6:00 - Friends' mom arrives for pick-up with other two daughters in tow. It is the typical long process of getting things, chatting, and saying goodbye. All four girls now begin and play intense tag game for several minutes outside as we moms chat. P finally collapses on the grass, and announces, "I just ran my a$$e$ off!" WTF? I'm sure I heard her wrong, but when I ask she happily repeats it. I tell other mom I am shocked. She is not.

6:30 - Everyone finally gone. I explain to Miss P that the word she used was a grown-up word and 'kind of a bad word.' P shares she heard the phrase before but had no idea what the actual word meant. P goes upstairs to surmise her room, and I make quick phone call to E. We determine that P probably heard the phrase during our family viewings of 'The Biggest Loser.'

6:45 - P upstairs crying that she said a bad word and her room is trashed. The party is over.

6:50 - P and I self-soothe on the couch watching House Hunters. "Do you like the subway tiles too, mama?"

BRIGHT NOTE: Read P's report card - all E's for excellent under various life skills One S for satisfactory under being 'self-directed.' Hmm...

Parenting reflection: Apparently, getting too soft and used to P usually using common sense when friends are over. Must state rules at the start! Rule 1) Keep on clothes?

Final question: Is there a place in the scrapbooks to record first use of profanity??

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Hilary said...

Doesn't that one go next to the stump of their umbilical cord? :)