Sunday, April 4, 2010


Very fun Easter this year. Festivities started with a Spring Egg Hunt on Thursday (no school Friday). As tradition with all holidays that we acknowledge, either clearly 'Valentine's Day' or vaguely - "Spring Bunny Hunt' - I am up late the night before. This time, due to ridiculous complications, I was up until 1:00 a.m. finishing bunny hats (this is after the birthday Mom's night out. You play, you pay!) I then failed to pack them in my car. So guess what we will be doing tomorrow. Photos in bunny hats and a second egg hunt (with all of the extra eggs we got). Don't worry, I am tying it all in academically with a big egg estimation math lesson. Anyway!

P's teacher also had some bunny hat issues, but did manage to tie her hats on kids. I again had a chance to pull some 'mom' duty. Actually attending my first event of the year as a parent! Thank you, student teacher!

Back at the home front, we ended up kind of last minute hosting my brother and sister in-law and their almost three year old boy/girl twins for Easter weekend. Despite being tired from the Peas concert and the house not being totally ready, it was a blast. Brother and sister-in-law - J and K - dropped off the kiddos at our house Sat afternoon and headed off to do their Easter shopping. E, P and I had fun playing with the twins outside. P reveled in her 'biggest cousin' role and enjoyed telling the little ones how to do things. She even gave her girl cousin a bath. A little segway - it is really sweet and funny to see P demo her nurturing skills. She is a big-time nurturer! Whether it is comforting a frustrated daddy (or mommy), or tending to a little cousin.

After J and K got home we ate dinner, played indoors and colored eggs.

I always have fun making Easter baskets and this year was no different. After egg coloring I snuck out for a final shopping trip for one last minute basket item. I wish I would have taken up close pictures of all the baskets. You can kind of see P's below (this is after she ripped through it). I didn't really do candy in any of the baskets, mostly small toys and activities. This year I assembled baskets for E and I too, and had soo much fun. Yes, you read that right, I assembled my own basket and presented it to myself Easter Sunday!

E's basket contents: A San Diego beer - Karl Strauss - (the restaurant brew pub he worked at when in college in San Diego), a Sports Illustrated magazine, a little golf game and a chocolate bar.

My basket: Three books! Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Lift by Kelly Corrigan, and Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, and a starbucks card!

P's basket: some of her beloved 'Littlest Pet Shop toys' and the first in a series of new books by Laura Numeroff 'Jellybeans'

I am a major book nut! The pictures just did not turn out. P looks like she is being pinched. Her dress, what you can see - is very cute.

We headed to my in-laws for some brunch later and to see the rest of the family. The day ended with my cleaning the house thoroughly and then falling asleep to the Princess and the Frog in front of the fireplace.
The day did not have as much of a spiritual component. I am embarrassed that we didn't make it to church, but only miss P and I would have been able to get there. Since we moved, church is about a 15 -20 minute drive, and with the crowds it would have meant leaving too early for our guests. We did talk about the true meaning of the day and I'm hoping we will do better next year!

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