Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had so much fun last night! We trick or treated with Paige's best friend and family. Paige is a spy - so chic in black. Her friends are a 'Kellog's box top for education' (isn't that the best??) and a box of raisins.
After a yummy dinner, we trolled the neighborhood for 2 hours meeting up with all different families along the way. The girls wanted to hit every house with a light on.
Here's the crowd waiting in line for our featured event - a trip through the local haunted house. It's actually less about 'haunting' and more about an experience. This year's theme was wax museum. You were 'guests' visiting a wax museum.
This was the British invasion room, with all the wax 'statues.'
Then in each room, the tour guide had to excuse herself to answer the phone, or use the restroom.
And all the statues would come to life, playing music and signing autographs.
Same thing in the Star Wars/Star Trek room. The last room was the haunted room - no pictures! Kids got their candy on their way out at the 'gift shop.'
Afterword - the great candy count and sort!
Such a fun night. I wonder if am going to have some tired students today?

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