Friday, November 11, 2011

lessons and suprises

Lessons learned this week...

blogging is fun.

lunch is fun.

blogging about making school lunches....not so fun (or interesting).

muffins are yummy!

Mama Pea's blueberry streusel muffins are extra yummy! (OK, I already knew this.)

You never know when a surprise around the corner is coming.....

surprise #1: Yesterday after sending my kidlings (students) home with their report cards, and reading miss p's, I just felt so done. Ed was at school picking up Paige to take her on a playdate. I looked around the classroom. Everything was ready for Monday. However, there was a pile or two or three that really needed sorting/organizing/putting away. What to do? Nose to the grindstone? Or spontaneous afternoon date?

Well, I threw caution to the wind and after dropping Miss P at her soccer pal's house, Ed and I poked around downtown Sunnyvle and I caffeinated. (Not that it helped - I was asleep at 8:30. Fell asleep during our family viewing of this week's Biggest Loser. Unheard of.) Ed was very excited about the spontaneous date today. The piles will wait, I guess.

Surpise #2 - today as we were lounging around before attending an American Girl Fashion Show including my niece, I got a call from my mil. A model is sick. Can Paige be in the show too? Can she? We are very excited and primping as I speak (type). Ed is too. He can't wait for us to leave for hours.

Do surprises come in #3's? I hope so.

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