Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let's do Lunch!

Filled with enthusiasm after Foodbuzz on Saturday, I decided to pose myself a challenge for this week - make some fun lunches for Miss Paige and me!

I've always been a bit envious of my co-worker's lunch. She always has a hot and hearty meal to get her through an afternoon with kindergartners and the ensuing parent pickup, prep, and second shift at home. She once told me her 'secret.' When she plans dinners for the week, she always has lunch in mind. In fact, she said, dinner planning "is all about lunch, and what will make good leftovers.' Interesting way to look at it, I thought.

My lunches are pretty hit and miss. Meaning sometimes they are good, and sometimes I 'miss' them (don't make 'em) and head out to a local eatery for my food fix. Cha-ching. Worse, sometimes I throw together a blah lunch and when noon rolls around, I can't bear to eat it, and my eatie self goes searching for something more tasty. Cha-ching, Cha-ching.

Paige, on the other hand, usually has pretty good lunches, made by chef daddy. Why mess with success? Ed detests making lunch, like our friends over at DALS. I don't mind it. Ed also pretty much makes her the same thing each day, with some small variations. I say, 'lunch is what you make it. Why not make it fun?' And with that, I give you day one's offering above: zoo pasta, animal crackers, sliced carrots and grapes. Nothing fancy yet....but, it beats peanut butter and jelly, right?


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Courtney @ Misadventures in Cooking said...

Love the zoo lunch - how fun! I was like that, too, about packing my own lunch. Too much going out, it was not good.