Sunday, October 30, 2011

On a very granola Halloween's Eve

It's been very unlike me, not to have hustled the family to multiple Halloween events by now. Heck, Paige has only worn her costume once. And she only has one costume. (Yes, there have been years when there were two costume options, depending on the weather or mood of wearer. You remember three year olds.) I'm blaming our lack of festive activity on Ed's Sunday football obsession, or Paige's Saturday soccer. Either way, I'm blaming sports.

Today was the day to set things right. I decided we'd check out Full Circle Farm's Harvest Hoedown. Now, I will out myself and tell you that I lean more toward a 'commercial' experience. I love the pretty open spaces and the farm setting. But, give me a snack shack with caramel apples, hot chocolate and a hay ride and I'm really happy. Like here.

Back to the story at the local farm. It was very sweet and Paige had a great time. There was definitely a farm crowd element, with lots of tie dye, dreadlocks, and fanny packs. Paige waited patiently to feed the chickens while some guy talked on and on to the chicken docent about the merits of food scraps versus chick feed.

There's a cute chick(en).

Paige painted a pumpkin. There was no water to clean the brushes between users. (You just picked up whichever stiff, painty brush was available.) That would not be green.

And made a clay (i.e., mud-like ) critter. Yea. There were no baggies to transport still moist critters. (They take about two hours to dry in the sun.) That would not be green.

Finally, "we" made a corn husk doll.
If you want to make a corn husk doll, see the directions below.

If you would like reports on fish, hamsters, or dogs, especially dogs that are 'cute and easy to take care of,' I can help you out. Paige writes on both sides of the paper. Because she is green.

Paige rated her farm experience as a '10.' I was just happy to be out of the house, together, and in the sunshine. Even without the caramel apple.

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