Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crowd Pleaser Fall/Winter Dinner!

I have this fabulous friend. (OK, I have a lot of fabulous friends.) This friend is so busy working as a teacher and being supermom to her three kids that she doesn't have time to peruse the Internet (gasp!) and last year wasn't even quite sure what a blog was. About a year ago, she was catching up on her overflowing email, and came across a link I had sent her ('send me your blog info, I'd love to check it out,' she had asked. Remember she is a fabulous friend.) Anyway, my latest post had been about having a hot chocolate tasting. My friend had been trying to come up with a festive December breakfast idea for staff at her school. She was sold at hot chocolate! 'Now, I understand the purpose of blogs,' she told me.

I think I've done it again! This time the a-ha is a 'Please Everyone Fall/Winter Dinner.' Last night we had over two families for supper club and I was distracted with P's last soccer game and festivities. It was chilly and rain was threatening. Let's do grilled cheese and tomato soup! Our diners were aged 3 to 4oish, and have a variety of preferences when it comes to food. No problem! I whipped up some tomato soup and had all the fixings on hand for grilled cheese bar.

The kiddos all opted for cheddar on french bread. A few were daring and requested some bacon on their sandwiches. They had apple slices, edaname, and carrots on the side. The grown-up favorite was gruyere cheese with bacon and apple slices on sourdough - yum!

This was just so easy. We had french and sourdough bread, a platter of different cheeses, apple slices, and bacon. You could also do guacoamole, tomatoes, grilled onions, pancetta, the list is endless. Kids can have their sandwiches cut into shapes. Or you can cut all sandwiches into appetizer size triangles and people can try different varieties. The host can make all the sandwiches, or guests can make their own.

Speaking of fabulous friends and grilled cheese, I just remembered that One Fabulous Mom had a similar menu at her Trick or Treat Party. Maybe this idea will inspire another fabulous friend, who knows?

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Hilary said...

That sandwich is literally klling my diet, as I sit here.
Do yu hear it dying?
It's sad....