Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goin' Someplace Special

There's a sweet book called Goin' Someplace Special. It is set in a 1950's southern town. A little African American girl is heading to the one place that allows people of all colors -- the public library. Like Tricia Ann, the library is a special place for me too (for clearly different reasons.) It is such a thrill to be able to get an armful of books -- for free!

Paige and I headed over there today. Here's what I got:

Left Neglected - Kind of a deeper version of I don't know how she does it. In this book, our protagonist -Sarah- is an uber busy career woman and mother who ends up in an accident leaving her unaware of anything on her left side. She is forced to rebuild her life.

Double Delicious - by Jessica Seinfeld, sequel to her Deceptively Delicious. I am not a big puree person, but think this book will be fun to try out, even it I leave out that puree part.

Just let me lie down - by Real Simple editor Kristin van Ogtrop. A collection of crazy stories from the working mother. Another book I wouldn't have bought, but am happy to peruse.

Paige got a collection of Nancy Drew Clue Crews.

I'm off to another special place, my couch for the weekly Modern Family viewing!

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