Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tonight: a little fitness!

Tonight was leftover chicken from Monday night. And, yikes! I missed it. I stayed a little later at work while E took Paige to swim lessons. I thought they'd wait for me, but they ended up eating early. Can't miss any other nights this week now! They did eat together and then sat with me while I ate, so not a total loss.

Tonight's after dinner activity was P's choice, but I *influenced* it without her really realizing it. In my quest for healthy family activities, I've done what I always do. Get books on the topic! One new book I just received is Missy Chase Lapine's Sneaky Fitness. Inside was an activity just made for P and our tri-level house. Pet hospital! We turned the downstairs den into a hospital, complete with cribs and equipment. As we 'worked' (P logging stats into the computer), we would receive emergency phone calls, requiring us to run to the top level of our house, fetch hurt (stuffed) animals, then run to the middle level, climb our helicopter, do some laps around the table, and then return to the hospital on the bottom floor. Repeat. Not a major fitness experience, but something!

1 comment:

Hilary said...

JEn, there is absolutely no way i could play that game with my children.
You are a good mom. ;)