Monday, November 22, 2010

New Direction (and not a Glee reference)

I am happy to see an old favorite blog resurface....Hemstitch and Hydrangea is now Signature Style! I found H & H a couple of years ago and loved the author's writing and classy look. She stopped blogging due to some major life changes and I just learned that she came back about two months ago.

In reading about her return, I started thinking about how I love the idea of a 'signature' style. SS refers to Signature Style as something you love that makes you 'tick.' In this post, another blogger, DALS talks about having a signature dish, something people remember, something that keeps people wanting more.

I'm still mulling this over. But....I've been thinking about my blog lately. Initially, Life is What You Make it, was basically a mom blog, that also focused on positive thinking and creating the life you want. I'm still pretty positive, but eventually the blog became mostly a journal about life with Miss P, along with other miscellaneous stuff - fashion, fitness, attempts at cooking, and crazy classroom stories.

Being a teacher is definitely my calling. Although I am always tweaking and learning, I definitely feel 'in my groove,' in the classroom. I come alive there. Yet in this blog, I've been yearning to find my own 'niche' beyond the standard mom blog (although nothing is wrong with the standard mom blog; my favorite blogs fall in this category.)

Recently, I feel like I may have found my blog's new slant. You may have noticed it in the tweaking I've done lately. I'm hoping to give Life is What You Make it a face lift and a little more structure. It will still be a lot about our family's life, but I want to share my ideas in general for having fun with your child(ren). Ideas for creative, active play. Ideas designed to help nurture your relationship with your little ones, and most of all have FUN together. As a kindergarten teacher and mom, this is what I am mostly about.

While I see tons of blogs about cooking, decorating, and every other hobby and interest out there, I don't see any that are just about having FUN with your children. Particularly that are attractive to look at and entertaining to read. I hope to be this blog. :)


Erin said...

Jen - I think its a GREAT idea! I have to say that creative and active play (much beyond tea parties) does not come easily to me, and most moms I know. I have been so inspired by the games you come up with for Miss P! Keep 'me coming!

Hilary said...

I love the idea!