Monday, November 8, 2010

How low can you go??

Our family dinner project is going better than I imagined! Tonight, I didn't cook, E did. I am smack in the midst of finishing report cards, so he did a quick pesto pasta. After prayers, dinner, and some conversation, Miss P cleared the table, and we played the fun family card game above.

After reading the rules, I decided to simplify and modify the way to play the game. Basically we each had as stack of cards and, kind of like War, we each turned over our top card. Depending on the round, we chose for either the person with the highest or lowest number to have to perform the dance shown on their card. Dances included: hip hop, the twist, tango, tap dance, and western style, to name a few (10 types total).

We all had some laughs (and a little bit more exercise than usual). It was amazing to me how much more fun we were having, compared to our previous Monday evenings. Not that we were the Doldrum family....however, I think it is easy to fall into a weekday rut, of being tired and busy with responsibilities. Miss P shared multiple times how much fun she was having, which made me feel great. Since we started, she has been talking each day about what the 'theme' of the night is (Monday- game night, Tuesday - craft night, Wednesday - P's choice, Thursday - Mom's choice, Friday - Movie night or dad's choice). It has made our evenings so much more special, and so much more something to look forward to.

Thursday is Veteran's Day and a day off from school, so I'm sure I will cook something good that night!

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