Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we started a new tradition - participating in the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot! Let me tell you, it was a b-l-a-s-t. After some deliberation about the best event(s), the three of us walked the 5K together. Miss P did 22 laps at her school Turkey Trot, so we figured she could do it (if we kicked her behind a little, or bribed). We did a bit of both. I had a couple of prizes stashed in our backpack to hand out at each mile marker, to keep her going. Here we are, before the event, which by the way, had 15,000 participants and raised about $400,000 for Second Harvest food bank.

And above is us after the event. When asked if she enjoyed it, P said, "Hey, I got a shirt, face painting (at the kidsfest after), and a stuffed animal (her prize). Yeah, I enjoyed it!"

Downtown San Jose was totally closed down for the event. It was a cold, but sunny morning.
We ran into a few of our good friends, including S above, who did the 10K and is quite the runner. : )
Here's another partner in crime, J, there with her kiddos and sister. We've done a marathon and half marathon together.

We also saw my good friend Linda and her family. Today, I am so thankful for health and my fantastic family and friends. The event sure kicked off this holiday with a tone of hope and happiness. I hope everyone is having a joyful Thanksgiving.

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Llama said...

How awesome is that?!? I love that Miss P participated in the Turkey Trot! Super cute! What a nice thing to do as a family!!:)