Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Ghost Story

So this is another peek inside Miss P's adorable writing journal. A fiction entry this time. I have to save this memory! (Again, spelling corrected) You know six year olds have a 'thing' about chapter books! I have left out the description of the pictures on each page, they match the words. Should I *read* something into the fact that I am the hero in the end?? Hopefully, I can remain a hero forever...

The Ghost under the Bed
by P**** R****

Chapter 1
What's that, I said.
Is it a ghost?

Chapter 2
Or is it my mom?
I don't know!

Chapter 3
I'll look under my bed.
Aah! It is a ghost!

Chapter 4
Oh. It is just my furry rock! (???)

Chapter 5
Right. There are not ghosts.
But wait. I hear a scratching sound....

Chapter 6
Is it a ghost again. Or is just my imagination? (spelled amajanashin)

Chapter 7
I guess I'll never know? But wait. I hear it again!

Chapter 8
It is a ghost! Whooo! whooo!

Chapter 9
What should I do??

(ghost pictured scaring her - boo!)

Chapter 10
Mom help! Mom help! Pretty please!

Chapter 11
Thanks. Everyone is fine.
The end.

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