Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2 - Carbonara

Day two found us dining on Pasta Carbonara. This is one of my favorite dishes, however it always turns out a little different! This is a variation on what I usually do:

Bacon and Egg Pasta or Carbonara
1/3 pound bacon
Olive oil
4 eggs
Parmesan or parmigaiano cheese
8 oz pasta

Cook the bacon, drain the grease and set aside
Cook the pasta (undercook it a smidge)
Meanwhile, mix up the egg and cheese in a bowl
When pasta is done, drain most of the water
Then, put back on the stove with a bit of the hot water left
Add in the bacon with some garlic and egg/cheese mixture
Cook until the eggs scramble and everything is nicely mixed

This was yummy! As always. This particular night we played a game called, "I'm going on a picnic." It's a good critical thinking skills game. One person (or in this case, both P and I) made up a secret rule for this conversation game. We would talk about things around the table that we would bring on a picnic. However, the items had to all consist of just three letters. Like you could bring a 'bag,' or a 'hat' or a 'dog.' The other players have to ask, "could I bring this on the picnic?" (Like a book?) You answer 'yes' or 'no' until everyone figures out the pattern. Another way to do it, is everyone can only bring things that start with the first letter of their name. Like, Paige will bring pizza. (I think that is a pretty common game). We decided to make Tuesdays art night, so after we made turkeys out of brown craft paper, with foamy feathers and crayons.

Miss P is already on board with this new tradition, asking each day, "what is our theme tonight?!" E has appreciated the cooking and a more organized evening.

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Hilary said...

Cooking at home is such a great thing.
I make this too, but I add peas and sometimes shrimp (if I found them on sale).