Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reindeer Party

We are having a little reindeer party! We being, Miss P and I are. Here is how I got myself involved in this...

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading something by a working mom. She talked about how once she finally was able to wrangle a part-time schedule, she started to do 'cookie baking' play-dates for her kids on Fridays. (As a way to reciprocate the other moms who had hosted her children.) I thought - what a great idea! I'll have to do that....(though I don't have Friday off, I can be a little more flexible in the afternoon on that day...)

Flash forward to week ago, I was thinking of another article I read, that suggested, in order to keep from getting too overwhelmed in December, pick only 3-5 holiday things that are must-do's and drop the rest. I thought - OK! Decorations, holiday cards, a couple key parties, church, and gifts for the kids! Gee, that covers everything! What am I giving up? Oh, I know, baking. I can give up baking. Baking is not that important to me. There, that is something. But hmmmm...I haaad been thinking about doing a baking playdate for P. And hmm...we were going to have a school friends Halloween get-together, but didnt. We could have a cookie baking playdate! And the moms could be free to holiday shop. Yes! And thus, the gingerbread house making (my idea)/ reindeer party (miss P's idea) was born.

In case anyone is as crazy as me, here is what we are going to do (I actually think it'll be pretty easy). We are only inviting 3 little girls, so that it is somewhat mellow and loose - 4 six year olds total.

*Little girls show up, are ushered into our craft room downstairs to get 'reindeer-ed.' (I do reindeer noses for each of them and hand them their antler headband. I'm thinking I may do a little holly or candy cane on their cheeks if they want.)

*When everyone is accounted for, we head upstairs to make simple gingerbread houses out of graham crackers in the dining area. As girls finish, they can sing to holiday songs on P's microphoned boom-box or play pin the beard on Santa/pin the nose on Rudolph.

*After, time to hit the hot chocolate bar and have a healthy snack in the kitchen.

*Treasure hunt time! Girls will burn off some energy running outside (weather permitting), following clues and participating in challenges (prance like a reindeer, name 3 reindeer, sing Rudolph, etc). Assuming they complete the challenges and hunt, they'll find a little santa bag with some treats.

*Finally, they'll end with some free play and then a holiday cartoon, depending on the mood.

I'm excited, as I think they'll have a blast! (And it won't break the bank!)

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Lorna said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful Miss P. is awfully lucky to have such a wonderful and creative mum as you. :-) I wish I were half as creative as you are when the boys were younger.