Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Outdoor Decorating: From Halloween to Thanksgiving

Our Halloween decorations have finally come down! Yes, I was that person. I've been half waiting for a note on my door that people are tired of seeing my cobwebs and spider outside (jack 'o lanterns had been put to rest.) Although, I have seen a lot still up at other houses, so maybe I'm not so alone.

Anyway, I am doing a little Thanksgiving sprucin.' I try to mostly do general Autumn (both in my home and classroom) with just a few touches of specifically Halloween and Thanksgiving for ease. However our outside is feeling a bit lackluster now, so I turned to Better Homes and Gardens, as most of what I've been seeing elsewhere has focused on indoors. Check out the link below. I love the hollowed out pumpkins with flowers and branches and the festive tree.

Fall Outdoor Decorating: From Halloween to Thanksgiving

Miss P and I have started a craft night on Tuesdays after dinner, and this month is dedicated to Thanksgiving. We are making pinecone turkeys this week that I found in Family Fun. I'll let you know how it all turns out!

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