Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tell me a story...game night

Last night was Game night at the R household. We made it to Thanksgiving having a nice family dinner every night and it was awesome! I really saw how wonderful it is to have this time to connect every day with all three of us being present. Physically and mentally. I loved how much Miss P and I looked forward to the ritual every evening. E looked forward to good food! (on nights that I managed to get it together.) The part that resonated the most for me, was not the nourishment (although my healthy voice tells me that should be more important), BUT the laughter is was really got me. And most of the laughter came from the activities we did after dinner. Particularly on Monday, family game night.

There is something about being silly and laughing. And I think for kids to see their parents in that light. Parents who are often reminding them to brush their teeth and pick up their toys.

Last night E was coming off a two day bout with the flu, so I pulled out a low-key game. Eeboo (love them) Tell me a story cards. You grab a selection of cards, that feature the same characters, and take turns randomly choosing a card and building a story together, based on the pictures you see. It is so cute to hear Miss P's dramatic storytelling voice. Such an easy game to play on a night when you have low energy, and a good literacy builder too (says the kindergarten teacher)!

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Hilary said...

Those sound really cool... I wonder if we're too old for it around here...