Saturday, March 21, 2009


So the latest bee in my bonnet is that I want to get certified to teach kids yoga!

I've been interested in yoga, specifically yoga for kids, for a long time. Miss P and I have taken a few classes and occasionally do a dvd at home together. We are actually going to start a new series of classes tomorrow after church. I did it with my students last year (with not the best results, but maybe my expectations were too high. That, and maybe 20 kids at once was too difficult for an experienced kinder teacher, but beginning yoga practitioner.) Anyway, I love the mind-body-spirt connection. I love the playfulness. I love that yoga can give you the giggles, and make you calm, depending on what moves you do. I love that it can lift kids' self esteem, and teach them to understand, name, and alter their moods and feelings.

My goal is to get certified to teach yoga specifically for children. My target age group would be kids 3 - 6. I'm thinking I could incorporate it into my classroom (as a transition in between subject areas, and longer segments during PE), and at home with Miss P. Ideally, I would get a job as well, either through our local YMCA, or one of our local rec departments, or a health club. I'd love to teach just one class a week. Next year, Miss P will be in school full-time 5 days a week, and I'll still be working 3 days. Now, between volunteering in her classroom, prepping for my class so I can work less on my 3 scheduled days, cleaning, and grocery shopping, etc., I don't plan to have a lot of extra time. But I could certainly fit in teaching kids' yoga, or parent/child yoga, like at 10:00 a.m. on a Friday, if the opportunity presented itself! Anyway, I think the opportunities would be endless.

Does anyone have any experience with kids' yoga classes and/or certification? Let me know!

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Hilary said...

We've done a few videos with it. I think it'd be great for kids. Good luck. I have absolutely no info. :)