Monday, March 16, 2009

Surprise gifts

E is still gone, but with the arrival of Monday and my 3-day workweek, the staycation is officially over. The day has brought it's own sweetness, however. Mid-morning as I was teaching, I looked out the window and saw one of Miss P's teacher's assistants walking with her to the front door of my classroom. Quickly, some scenarios ran through my head - could she be sick? I know I dropped off her lunch. Is she missing some sort of 'green sharing' again? Then, I saw them stoop down and then scurry away, and realized what was happening.

Occasionally Miss P's class visits my side of the campus. On Monday's for instance, when they attend library. P has taken to leaving me tiny daisies in front of the door. I've never actually seen her tiptoe over before, and when I open the door for recess and my 19 students break loose, her little token just doesn't stand the chance of being noticed. Then, I'm faced with a dilemma when the next day her little face looks at me and asks: "Mama! Did you get the flower I left for you yesterday outside your room?!" (I'm such a stickler for honesty, I always tell the truth. "No honey, I'm sorry, but thank you for thinking of me.)

Anyway, I was delighted when I opened the door today to find the above green drawing. She figured out she had to go a little bigger! I love you too, P!

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Erin said...

Oh. my. gosh.
This cute story brought tears to my eyes! Miss P is the greatest kiddo....I hope Amelia makes me a card some day!!!!