Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guess I won't be winning Mom of the Year...

Last Friday Miss P and I had a marathon day of fun: picnic at the park with friends (fresh fruit and, no....we had McDonald's), followed by shopping for a birthday gift. E called me late afternoon as P and I debated present ideas to discuss dinner options. We had a few potential options at home I'd been planning on, but we both had Red Robin (located at the shopping center) on the brain. Not wanting the day to end, we left dinner and cruised across the parking lot to the AMC for a showing of Monsters vs. Aliens. I figured Miss P wasn't likely to want to imitate either a monster or an alien afterward, and doesn't scare easily, so we went for it. (I knew it was PG, but had read the review, and thought it would be OK.) She showed a little fear a few times during the film, but mostly enjoyed it (there is a girl power theme) and asked lots of questions. At the end, she proclaimed it 'excellent.' Fast forward a few hours later....Miss P stirs and cries out in her sleep. Yikes! Yes, it was a monster nightmare. Bad mom!

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Hilary said...

Well, neither will Reese witherspoon... :)
Seriously, you know she'd come up with something else to be scared of.