Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Girls' Weekend

No, I'm not doing any kind of grown-up getaway, this girls' weekend will be at home with little Miss P. E is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning for a trip until the middle of next week. This is not commonplace here in the Riley household; it's an event. As such, I'm trying to think of fun things for P and I to do on our own. My mom's birthday was today, so we will be taking her to dinner and doing a sleepover at her house on Friday night. Any other ideas?? In the past, I haven't done well sleeping at home alone. Hopefully, I'm 'over that' now. I figure I'll either be sleepless and missing my better half, or enjoying being able to 'call all the shots,' rule the TV, and have breakfast for dinner each night.

In other news -- report cards are DONE!

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Hilary said...

I try to remind myself that I get the WHOLE bed. Sometimes that helps. :)
Ummm... for us, we really like having picnics and watching movies, going to the park, and of course, hauling my kids somewhere and making them organize with me. That's always a HUGE hit {not}.
YAY that report cards are done.