Monday, March 16, 2009

Staycation is over!

(Miss P's new swimsuit; purchased during our 3 hour Target visit on Friday. The picture doesn't do it justice. If you look closely, you can see a sparkly anchor on the left hip)

Miss P and I had a fantastic staycation this past weekend with E in Orlando. We had dinner out with my mom and stepdad and then a sleepover at their house on Friday night. I was very cozy on the couch next to a warm fire. The next morning my mom had cinnamon rolls and coffee, I provided some magazines, and we both supplied entertainment for P. We had the best time sipping java and just chatting in our pjs at the kitchen counter. I'll tell ya, that is my way to spend a morning.

Finally we had to get moving. Miss P and I headed to the YMCA to swim that (her way to spend an afternoon). Then I had to kick it into high gear to get snackies and wine from Trader Joe's, the two of us showered, and her into bed before my girlfriend get-together that night. Yes, I had seven girlfriends over for a girls' night in. Wine, chocolate-covered pretzels, and sweats. I had out tons of books for anyone who wanted to borrow a novel, and a ton of magazines for people to page through as we chatted, or take home for bathtime perusal. And of course non-stop girl talk and laughter. As always, we hit upon a few interesting discussions. The night ended with a few of us on the computer trying to plan a girlfriend getaway for later this Spring. Now, that is my way to spend an evening!

Sunday morning I rallied on very little sleep to get P to Sunday School. Upon arrival, she was asked if she had her 'green' sharing. Oops. With the time change last week we all overslept and missed church. (It was random, I am an early bird and typically don't need an alarm.) Therefore, we hadn't received the 'homework.' They had some random green items for children with similarly unprepared moms. Nuh-uh. That was not going to do. I zipped back to the car and found a green sand bucket. Also, a sheet of green St. Patrick's Day stickers from Trader Joe's (thank goodness I don't clean out my car more regularly). I quickly calculated. There were not enough stickers for P to pass them out to each child. However, she could decorate the sand bucket with them. I raced back before class started to drop off the sharing, and instead of attending church headed to Star*bucks for a quick pick me-up.

After church we continued on to my classroom, where I put in a full day's work while Miss P, angel that she is, played. A neighboring teacher was there with her dog, pet bunny, and plethora of dance costumes, so we took a break over there for awhile. The staycation ended with a 'surprise around the corner,' - a phone call from one of my best friends, who was out on the playground with her family. We ended up playing for about 45 minutes and then heading over for frozen yogurt together. The weather was great, the kids were happy. My way to end a Sunday.

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