Thursday, March 12, 2009

The goods!

So, Miss P and I dropped E off at the airport around noon, and promptly headed to Santana Row to begin our own girls' 'staycation.' We browsed borders where I got a couple of magazines (including the above 'US Weekly', featuring headlines about Melissa from the Bachelor, now on DWTS, and the latest with Jon and Kate Plus 8), and a new novel. Have to have a book going! I felt like splurging. After, we shared lunch at The Counter and then played for awhile at the park. The outing was completed with a stop at Blockbuster on the way home to load up on some movies. I am expecting a few more magazines in the mail over the next couple of days (yes, I'm a magazine who*re), and with that I think my stash will be complete!

Oh - our other excitement of the day was texting. Up until the other week, I had an old-fashioned cell phone and was fine with it. There was no texting capability and it was the most basic model you could imagine. I used to make fun of texting, but started to see the benefits when I considered how it would be nice/convenient for E and I to keep in touch during the day. After my purse debacle, we deactivated my phone. Based on my service plan I was due a new one anyway, so E picked out a fancy model for me. It was free, so why not? Anyway, long story short, I wanted it before his trip so we could easily keep in touch. We exchanged our first text this afternoon! Yes, it is a red-letter day!


Preppy 101 said...

Texting is so great! Such a timesaver!! I love magazines, too. Do you like Real Simple??

Hilary said...

I have considered getting into texting, but I'm too cheap to pay the 8 bucks a month.
However, Drew can't answer his phone at school so sometimes I do think of it when I need to get him a quick message.