Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Schooly Shcoolerson

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school for Miss P and I. Here she is preparing her project. If you have a kindergartner or first grader, I'm sure this is in your future too. Easiest way to do it, have them count out items in 10 groups of 10. Then, together you can (re)count all the items from 1 -100. At our school, the kinders just bring in their collections in see through ziplocks. First graders 'amp' it up by hiding their collection in paper bags. On the outside of the bag are clues of the contents. Clever idea, I think!

Personally, yesterday was a doozy for me at school. I am getting all 'eye of the tiger' for today. Tonight a mom friend and I are seeing a showing of Race to Nowhere. So the theme for today is school! What have you learned lately?

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Debra said...

My daughter did that same project in kindergarten and first grade. This yr (3rd grade) they listed 100things they were thankful for. It was hilarious! Things like Pizza Hut and cotton candy along with mom, dad and dog.