Monday, January 3, 2011

Meal-Time Monday - Makin' Lunch

I know a lot of people find making lunch for their kids a big drag. My husband is one of these people. I love this post by Dinner, A Love Story about this very topic.

I've taken on lunch duty. And I'm making it fun. My strategy is to turn our kitchen into a restaurant called 'Light Bites.' I busy Miss P looking through kids' cook books or acting as my sous chef (spreading peanut butter), while I tie on my apron. Sometimes, I'm making food for a fashion show, featuring pets and their owners. Other times it is for some mystery, very important, fabulous guests on their way to the restaurant. At the end, somehow, it ends up in Miss P's lunchbox in the fridge. We've had some play time and lunch is made! I tend toward the dramatic, so this is my bag. Find what makes it fun for you. Maybe it is making artistic looking sandwiches, like in Funky Lunch. Maybe it is racing to see how quickly you can get it done. Whatever it is - include your child(ren) and have fun!


Llama said...

As a teacher, I see far too many kids throw out their lunches. I think the idea of a fun lunch...maybe ever one they helped to create would really make a huge difference in both the preparation and eating of the lunch! Thanks for the awesome idea! I will share with the parents in my class!

Hilary said...

That post is hilarious.
I HATE making lunch, I do it in the AM, which may not be the smartest but it does work for me...
The gladware stuff I use has helped a lot. A main dish in the large one, a fruit, a veggie and a treat and whamo... :)