Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gadget Free Games and Play - How to Tell a Story to Your Child

I regularly tell Miss P made-up stories about a little girl named Callie. Knowing how to tell a story is a great gift for a parent to have. You can weave in lessons you want to teach, and share some bonding time without any equipment at all. Sometimes, I admit, I just don't feel like telling a story. But it is a formula, and not hard once you figure it out. Here are the basic steps

Start with a character your child can relate to.
Callie is a seven year old little girl, who lives with her parents and her cat Boots in a fictional town in our general area.

Begin with an exciting event

"Look, Callie! Something came for you in the mail," called Callie's mom.
(Callie goes on to find out that she has received a letter from her pen pal in Georgia.)

Include an appealing sidekick - could be a pet or a talking truck.

Callie happily curled up on the couch to read the letter. Boots jumped up and snuggled beside her, as if he was listening to the letter. Maybe he was?

Describe a problem, that your child can relate to. I often pick something that is coming up in P's life, that she might experience, or something that's been in the news - like below.

Callie feels a little disappointed that Emily's letter has pictures and stories of sledding and snowmen. School was even closed for awhile! It doesn't snow here, in California. Everyday is almost the same - bor-ing.

Share how the child reaches a solution to his/her problem

Callie's mom has her pack up a towel and flip flops and the family goes on a mystery outing. Can you guess where? The beach!

Happy Ending!

"We may not have snow, but we have the sun and the ocean." Callie has a new appreciation for her home.

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

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Hilary said...

Does Paige know how lucky she is to have you for a mom?
BTW, both of the Pagies had a lovely talk today after school. She just learned how to say her name and we were TRYING to get her to say it, but no luck. Stage fright, I guess. :)