Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eye of the Tiger!

Last Fall I joked a lot at home to my family (and on Facebook) that I faced each school week thinking, "Eye of the Tiger!" The combination of some major classroom challenges and running around with Paige trying to get everything else done was something I had to psych myself up for. Things are more under control now. But I had to laugh when in December, my student teacher at the time gave me this card. She started off with, "Not sure why this card says you to me, but..."

One Fabulous Mom did a post about New Years' Goals and a commenter mentioned Tony Robbins' style of choosing goals. Find it here. I checked it out, and love it! I may be tweaking some of my goals. One goal I have is to get E to do this process as well. Now that will be a challenge....

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Llama said...

All teachers need to think this way...i TOTALLY understand!!!