Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Features

Hello all! My decorations are 95% put away and I'm ready to really start 2011. I think 2010 was one of the best years I've had, mainly because I really lived by the title of this blog. I'm motivated to make this year just as great.

I love the fresh beginning of a new year. So, I'm taking this opportunity to introduce two new features for the blog!

Family Meal Monday


Gadget-Free Games (to run on Thursdays)

When I first started the blog a few years ago, the emphasis was on positive thinking and being a mom. It slowly morphed into more of a general mom blog, and then into some creative idea sharing. Doing some thinking, I realized probably my biggest 'mom' talent is coming up with simple and creative ways to have fun with kids, whether my own, friends' kids, nieces/nephews, or my students. (Oh yes, I've taught elementary school for 10 years.)

So Family Meals Monday will run weekly, and share a family-friendly recipe or mealtime tip. (Oh, another talent of mine is my avid consumption of books and articles. I will give you the down-low, so you don't have to! Of course I will credit all sources!)

I don't have an iphone and our lifestyle is such that I have Miss P with me almost all the time when I'm not teaching. That means while running errands, riding in the car, etc. I'm also frequently stuck with my 26 5 year-olds in an empty room waiting for them to get their hearing checked one at a time. Trust me, I'm ready to give you Gadget Free Games and Play ideas.

Looking forward to your feedback. Have a good one!

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Llama said...

Love the new post ideas! Especially looking forward to meal ideas!