Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nature girl

Oh, I love a 3-day weekend. Two days is just too fast. Although, I guess I'd eventually get used to three days and say that what we really needed was four!

Saturday was GOUR-GEOUS. I swear it was 70 degrees. We wore shorts and went hiking to celebrate. For some reason, Miss P, my mostly 'indoor girl,' has decided she is a 'nature' girl. She and her best friend at school tell me they have a 'clean' and 'green' club and are always picking up trash. Earlier on this day, Miss P went outside with the camera and took several pictures, (like the one above), and mounted them saying they 'inspire' her. Anyway, back to the hike. After about 30 minutes, P decided she was done. When we told her the plan was to keep going, she decided to test us with a fit on the trail. She entertained passerby with random screaming, stomping, and begging to stop. Does this girl forget I'm a kindergarten teacher and have nerves of steel? We had been talking fairies, and tried to distract her with other fun conversations, stories and games, interspersed with letting her know we weren't giving in. Eventually, she hooked on to a letters game and was fine. We ended up hiking two hours, stopping to skip stones in the reservoir. Now she can call herself a nature girl!


Anonymous said...

You are so making me wish summer would hurry up and get here! :-) We've still got snow and cold.

Llama said...

I hope that my kindergarten teacher background will help me stay strong when I have kids some day. Your hiking trip looked so special! I love 3 day weekends!