Monday, December 6, 2010

Words of the night: Lazy and Random

Monday night = Game night. Tonight was Breakfast for Dinner, followed by a *loose* playing of this game - 25 Random Things About Me. I bought this game around last Valentine's Day, with the thought that E and I could have some inspired date 'nights in.' Instead of just watching a movie, we could grab this game and enjoy some fresh conversation. We still have not gotten around to this. Back to game night.

Tonight, our original plan was to do Christmas charades after dinner. Then, Miss P cracked open her homework and had a writing assignment to complete a informative piece about someone she knows. She selected me, and, I kid you not, she considered as her first fact: My mom is kind of lazy. I did not really react, and fortunately E did not hear, as he would have freaked - very into the respecting mom thing. When I playfully prodded she explained that because I like to relax and read, that this could be considered lazy, but that she was really 'just kidding.' I let that pass.

Anyway, this game popped into my head and I decided it could be an easy one to integrate into the packing lunches/cleaning kitchen routine, as it looked like it was going to be one of those nights. We all hovered about the kitchen island and Miss P and I took turns posing questions. The game is actually for ages 13 and up, but I figured it could be modified for the younger set. We did not follow the official rules, but took turns reading the statements and answering them, and then played a bit with guessing and questioning others' responses. Examples:

True or false:
I consider myself artistic.

I have an Ipod.

I am a good speller.

I can sleep with socks on.

Another fun game night at the Riley house. Now I'm off to 'be lazy.' : )

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Hilary said...

Hmm... lazy's not really something I'd use to describe you....