Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me!

Here is my Christmas present this year! We spent the first 'weekday' of our holiday break 'reverse shopping.' Basically, I had four things to return (from four different stores located in different parts of the city), and three checks to cash. The three of us went out together and probably spent a good 6 hours out and about and actually had a fun time. Of course, we did a little regular shopping as well. Miss P had gotten a visa gift card from her babysitter and was very excited to purchase a set of magic tricks. I told her today was going to be the first available day to shop, and thus she had nicknamed it 'visa day.' As in, two more days 'til Visa day! Oy! Anyway, E begged me to take over with my own gift, and I obliged, picking out this Fossil purse and matching wallet. I am also gifting myself a blog makeover, which you will see soon here!

By the way, if you are on a six hour shopping/errand trip or the like with your family, check out my new 'on the go' games to your right!


Anonymous said...

Love that bag, the pattern is adorable!

Lorna said...

Great looking bag. Hope the rest of your break is wonderful.

Hilary said...

SO cute! Love it!