Friday, December 24, 2010

Flexibility is the name of the game

Have you heard of the book, The Five Love Languages?? It reminds me a little of celebrating holidays. The way you want to celebrate, isn't necessarily the way other family members may want to...especially with passing years, as we grow, evolve and relationships change.

For me, I typically love the busyness, the shopping, the music, the cards, the decorating, and the entertaining. I like to put in extra effort, to choose the most thoughtful, nice gifts I can, spend time contemplating Jesus, and to make everything festive and lively. For E, the ideal holiday equals downtime with close family and friends, little effort, little drama.

Are you in sync with your family? I do the holiday work from soup to nuts (with a few small exceptions), as I know that a lot of it is important to only me. Still, E has alternately enjoyed it, and griped about it. Today, I had a couple of reminders to scale back and make things more relaxing.

How about you?

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