Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas recap

So we had an awesome Christmas, filled with lazing around, watching Hallmark movies, drinking mimosas, and playing games with family. I have some great games to share coming up!!

As I'm such a holiday nut, (or maybe just a woman?), I always reflect at the end, to see what I loved and what I wish I had done differently, I even used to keep notes in a little holiday organizer. Through the years I've made such rookie mistakes as not shopping for or planning outfits for Christmas Eve Mass. One year, I felt terrible when we missed Mass. Another year I was disappointed when we failed to have any kinds of plans on New Years' Eve. I guess I like big, blown-out holidays.

This year, there wasn't much I would change. My new lesson, though, was to make time for DOWNTIME. There was a bunch of stuff that we could have done but didn't. We didn't do our downtown's Christmas in the Park, The Nutcraker, the local Fantasy of Lights and missed some parties. We did do some entertaining, got together with all of our family, of course made it to church, and I did a bang-up job, if I do say so myself, on our cards, decorating, and gifting. I did a post below on flexibility, and I found that to be kind of the key this year. 'Marrying' my wish for a blow-out holiday with my husband's wish for a relaxing, more unstructured holiday. Communication is key, people!

This seems to be the trend this year. Read here and here, for more 'less is more' celebrations.

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