Monday, December 13, 2010

Reindeer Party

So last Saturday was Miss P's famed Reindeer Party....

I'm going to keep it real....

there were some highs and lows.
The low point was when Miss P 'lost it' when I asked her to put her shoes on as we were taking our reindeer challenge (a game we were playing) outside. P did not realize that was part of the plan, and/or did not want to go outside and played the stubborn game. When she finally did come out and saw everyone running around the play structure having a great time, she burst into tears, claiming that everyone was having fun without her, and 'didn't need her.' She was very dramatic, and I felt, bratty. I think she may have been overexcited and revved up, and it got the best of her. I was not thrilled with her behavior, partly because I was trying to simultaneously lead the activities and cover for her, as I wanted to save face and not have her friends see her acting ridiculous. E, who was sick upstairs, talked to her briefly in the hallway, and I kind of lost it, and said something hideous, like she was 'looking for a smack.' I have never come close to hitting her, nor do I talk that way. Anyway, she pulled herself together and we moved on.

Overall, the party was a success, and P and her friends had a great time. I feel like it was a good learning experience, to really walk through what to expect and how to behave in 'hostessing' circumstances. I know, had the party been at someone else's house, she would have put on her shoes and ran outside. At someone else's house she would have been flexible, the way she typically is. The other guests were great, but one of the girls had some interesting reactions to party events, and it made me think about how important manners, confidence, and poise are. My MIL tried to drill good manners into P. Although I've always felt they were important, I initially thought her efforts were a bit overkill. Now, I see the importance. Sometimes P feels shy around adults and forgets her manners. This is the perfect age for some refresher. See, E, having parties is a learning experience. : ) : )


Lorna said...

It sounds like a wonderful event. You are such a wonderful mum to P. She is awfully lucky to have you. I do agree with you and your MIL that manners etc are important. I have tried to stress this w/ my two young men and I think it has help them. With the upbringing we have given them and the continued reinforcement in social situations and in their martial arts practice I would say the majority of the time certain responses come quite naturally to them now. It has also provided them a so called 'script' for them to use when in certain social situations which obviously provides them more confidence as opposed to having to fumble through and try to think of something do or say when placed in the situation. As a parent I try to recognize when a upcoming event or situation may be new to them and try to give them tools to work with there and discuss what is expected of them before the actual event. Thusly allowing them a much greater chance of being successful and further building their own confidence as they begin to recognize the responses from others.
But I can see you know all of these things and are applying them already. Thusly my comment of what a lucky young lady P. is. You are doing a wonderful job.
Sorry for the long comment. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Hilary said...

I Totally agree, I think it's realy important for kids to get the other end of the coin, if you will.
Great job Jen, those reindeer are adorable!