Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vacation catch-up

It's been quiet in my little corner of blog world - let's catch up! Last week we enjoyed a much-needed February break week off. We kicked it off with a dog sitting gig for my sister in law. The 'Life is What You Make it' family is considering adding a pooch to the mix. Our dog for the weekend was a cattle dog named Callie. I am looking for a smaller breed, like a pug, westie, etc., but Miss Callie was a pleasant dog. Neither of us have ever owned a dog before, but I felt like we both took to the task like champs! Miss Paige was extremely sad to say good-bye.

Fortunately, we had our Half Moon Bay beach getaway to look forward to next. Hey Barnes & Noble, here is my version of the 'nook.' All I wanted to do was relax, sip a beer, and READ. So that's what we did the first day. There is a boat dock outside my window - not a parking lot. (Well, it's kind of a parking lot of sorts, I guess.)

We also ate some good food, a must of any vacation. Another must - kid friendly entertaiment!

The weather continued to be ridiculously gorgeous for February at the beach, high 60's, low 70's. So of course we had to spend some outside time as well. We enjoyed a FABULOUS beach day, it was so hard to leave.

I want to note that when we did leave, Miss P hauled her own stuff. : )

The week capped off with a nice visit with my mom, and haircuts. Miss P and I both have fine hair, but lots of it. We both look better with shorter hair that includes some long layers. I can't quite convince Ed (or Miss P) to cut too much off of her hair yet, but here is a start.

So much healthier! A couple of inches at a time. Paige is showing off a Family Fun Valentines Mouse puppet we made to bid adieu to February and our vacation.

Soon, it was back to school, work, RAIN, and report cards. Oh yes, and I was rear-ended this week. The joys of real life!

Today though is Saturday. The weather is beautiful again, I have a Pioneer Woman on Tivo, and we are going to see The Lorax. Another itty bitty vacation!

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