Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Weekend

I am excited to be embarking on a 4-day weekend! (Don't let the teacher's union hear me say that : ) - furlough days strike again). Wah waaaah.

On our agenda...
Signing up for swim team. Miss P has only participated in soccer thus far, which was a blast, but nerve wracking for this (slightly) competitive mama. Now, we are giving swim team a try. Paige loves the water and swim 'play,' the actual work of swimming, 'asi asi.' She may have thismuch more coordination/skill at swimming vs. other sports. Her eyes popped when she heard 'donut morning,' and 'sleepover.' We are signing our life (or just our summer weekends) away first. Hopefully she will make the team at tryouts in a week!

The Hunger Games! We are celebrating my good friend's birthday tonight with an adult dinner out and the big movie. Excited. May do a little re-reading of the book's one of the only books E and I have both read and enjoyed.

On a less exciting out the office is on the list. Re-doing (actually, there is no 're' about it - it's more like doing the office), is my summer project. Before I can do any fun stuff though, I have to clear out the clutter. Did I mention we are getting a closet built (hopefully?) That should help.

Finally, rain, playdates (adult and kid), reading, exercise????, HGTV and Pioneer Woman will round out our mini-break. How does your weekend look? Do you have any swim team experiences that you are living to tell about? Have you seen The Hunger Games? And are *living* to tell about it? : )

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