Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Low-key St. Patrick's Day. Man, am I turning into an old woman! ; )

Earlier in the week, Paige and her friend constructed a leprechaun trap, which she proudly set up in our living room. She proceeded to give Ed and I notes and treats from some leprechauns that she found 'lying around' on Saturday morning (They were addressed 'to:Ed' and 'to: Jen'). I realized at the 11th hour, that, I too, needed to reciprocate and prepare a surprise from the leprechauns. Duh. Off to Cost Plus for some gold coins - the bins were empty, as more prepared shoppers had cleared 'em out. At the second store, I found some chinese style 'lucky money' chocolate covered gold coins. Close enough!

I then made my way around Target for one more little thing. Darn that leprechaun. I finally decided on a darling spring top that I felt good about, as Miss P could use some clothes, and found a few other small things I'd been saving for possibly Easter in my closet. Voila! A leprechaun surprise.

Before setting up the goodies, though, we headed out to Red Robin for dinner with some friends (hence the milkshake photo above). I was feeling very wiped for some reason, and couldn't wait to get home and to bed. Leaving Ed, party of one, with his Guiness. Around 11 p.m., I roused myself to create the 'scene' downstairs, including a little sign with green paint.

Hoping you all had a bit more pep in your step on the 17th! What did you do?

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